Future Knight Cheats For Commodore 64

Future Knight Cheats For Commodore 64

"Future Knight" is an exciting and colorful video game released in 1987 for the Commodore 64 platform. The gameplay revolves around rescuing a princess from an evil wizard and his minions, with the help of your trusty knight. With its unique blend of arcade-style action and adventure, it quickly became a popular classic among 8-bit gamers. While there are plenty of tips, tricks, and cheats available online to make your way through the levels of "Future Knight", here are some great Future Knight cheats for the Commodore 64 to help you get started.

First up is the most important cheat of all: typing in “MY FUTURE KNIGHT” on the title screen will unlock a secret level in the game. This allows you to progress faster and gain access to better items that would otherwise be beyond your reach. Furthermore, if you hold down the fire button while entering the code, you can even increase the difficulty of the game to make it more challenging.

The next big cheat for "Future Knight" is the ability to pause the game at any time. Simply press the Pause key on your Commodore 64 keyboard and the game will freeze in place, allowing you to take a break or evaluate your next move. You can then resume the game by pressing the Pause key again. To make things even easier, you can press the Run/Stop key followed by the Restore key and the game will restart from the beginning of the level.

Additionally, if you want to skip levels, you can use the “SKIP LEVEL” cheat. To activate this cheat, type in “SKIP LEVEL” followed by the number of the level you wish to skip. For example, if you wanted to skip level 5, you would type in “SKIP LEVEL 5” and you would be taken directly to the sixth level.

If you're looking to expand your inventory, you can use the “GET ITEMS” cheat. By typing in “GET ITEMS” followed by the name of the item you want to get, the item will be added to your inventory. For instance, if you wanted a crossbow, you would type in “GET ITEMS CROSSBOW”.

Finally, if you're in need of extra lives, you can use the “EXTRA LIFE” cheat. To activate this cheat, simply type in “EXTRA LIFE” and you will receive an additional life to continue your journey.

These are just a few of the Future Knight cheats for the Commodore 64 that can help you conquer the game and save the princess. So now that you know the secrets, get out there and enjoy the challenge of trying to beat the evil wizard. Good luck!


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