Welcome to the Roncesvalles pilgrims hostel

In order to help pilgrims crossing the Pyrenees along the St James’ Way, around 1127, the Bishop of Pamplona, requested by King Alfonso I ‘the Battler’, founded the Roncesvalles Hospitality Institution.

Recent renovations completed by the Government of Navarre means that we can offer shelter between these ancient walls in a hostel equipped with the best facilities and services. Where pilgrims can rest and enjoy this exceptional heritage site after the exhausting initial stage of St James’ Way.


Orreaga-Roncesvalles maintains the memory of songs of heroic deeds,
of ancient roads and exhausted pilgrims on the road to Compostela
of kings who raised hospitals, churches, cloisters and chapels
of hosts who were and still are devoted to shelter
of the love from the neighbouring valleys for their Lady,
of their guild and their pilgrims,
and of their many crucifixes…
Today, something new is awakening in Roncesvalles